Bitcoin Priceaction Demonstrated (Midterm May2014)

Bitcoin is showing very interesting priceaction right now, which is a change of direction from down to the upward. So I wanted to share my percpective and created a short video. 

The BTC/USD pair was trying to penetrate 400 level several times and finally did. Then we found that the breakout was a false.

BTCUSD Falese breakout

Now the pair is printing new higher high and this indicates the change of direction.

Within the video, it demonstrate how the priceaction may work and trying to emulate how market is looking at the chart which drives the price at all.

Tools used within the video includes;

  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Harmonic BAT Pattern
  • EMA
  • Candle Pattern
  • Support & Resistance zone

By the way, this is my first trial demonstrating in other language other than Japanese.  So any comments are highly appreciated to motivate me creating another version of this video!

Thank you.








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